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Sales refers to the exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or its equivalent in kind. Selling helps an organization achieve its business goals. Thus, managing sales in an organization is a critical activity. A sales manager needs to ensure that the salespeople are motivated to perform the selling function in a way that will help the organization attain its goals.

The sales team continuously monitors the changes taking place in the external environment regarding competitors, customers, government and other regulatory agencies, advances in technology, and industry trends. This provides the sales personnel with vital information regarding trends in organizational sales, product development, and budgets.

By offering the management vital inputs pertaining to such information, the sales team helps the management to develop plans regarding sales, production, and design. Over the years, substantial changes have taken place in the selling environment, leading to changes in the sales function.

Lets you manage your sales order processing at one or more sites and is a fundamental part. The solution covers the complete cycle from Sales Quotation to Customer Invoice and Returns. Various sourcing options such as inventory, external supplier or manufacturing are supported. Expresso Sales Order a multitude of pricing options including customer agreements, price lists, campaigns, sales promotions, rebates as well as various types of discounts and charges. Customer schedules can be used to facilitate forecasts and call-offs in repetitive environments.


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